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My email signature says, "Finance guy by day and writer by night." If it was a movie, that might be the log line. My career has taken me from sales and marketing to advertising, public offerings, start-ups, and the financial industry. Now I enjoy connecting all those dots together and raising capital for media projects and my personal baby, the Perpetual franchise. All the while I've worked with venture and equity capital, investment funds, loans, and other forms of financing. And for all my equipment leasing friends out there, yes, we leave the light on 24/7 -- give us a call or drop us a note.

While pursuing various media opportunities I've enjoyed working in a support position on the board of directors of the NAELB. As editor of Leasing Logic, our association trade publication, I've worked with a talented team of editors and writers to launch a new online version of the magazine, one that is also social media and mobile friendly. Our latest product is called LL Snippets. This year we'll introduce an old fashioned reporter by the name of L.L. Snip. He may be calling you for an interview, so have your best story ready!

Drop me an email about equipment leasing or other finance related topics. I'm always open to corresponding about writing, film and animation. If you or someone you know would like to invest in a film or television series with A-list talent attached, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Do you love a fast paced Clancy/Ludlum type of conspiracy suspense novel? Check out Perpetual through any bookseller. Google: Perpetual by Brian Huey


Two Bits Announcement: Our LinkedIn Group surpassed 7,000 members, go to LinkedIn Groups and type in Two Bits, Writing Advice.

Perpetual Announcement: Stay tuned for Perpetual "Abduction" in book stores this year!

Specialties: Finance, Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Writing, Screenplays, Business Consultation, Animation, & Film.