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Hello everyone: My name is Brian Metri. I live in Nassau county, Long Island, New York for the past 26 years. I have three boys, two are getting ready to move out the house to get married and build their nest.

I have been in retail business most of my life as entrepreneur, and for the past nine years I have been with a major retail franchise company. However, my agreement with the franchise company is  ending very soon.

Knowing that my agreement is coming to an end, I started searching for a business opportunity that will satisfy my knowledge in business. And, I found the opportunity, I found ( Metco Commercial Finance). I can tell you that I always wanted to engage in such business and I am passionate about it.

Finally, I am looking forward to meet the great members and brokers of AAFCB at the conference.  I am a people person and I will introduce myself to everyone there.
My website is under-construction. it will be uploaded soon. 

I will be there. See you all.
Oh, I love cake with light sugar.