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Bill Wood is the owner and lead technician of Wood Brothers Field Service.  He got his start in the industry working for a Caterpillar dealership in Missoula, Montana in 1996, later relocating to Nevada and working for a Caterpillar dealership there.  His experience took him from flying equipment in pieces by helicopter in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana to doing in-frame overhauls on truck engines at job-sites on the Las Vegas strip.  

He began operations at Wood Brothers Field Service in 2005, mainly focusing on repairs of heavy equipment and over the road trucks,  later expanding to welding and line boring.  In the last few years, the business has expanded to the area of pre-purchase inspections.  

Several years ago one of Wood Brothers Field Service's clients purchased a used machine with low hours site unseen.  After purchasing the equipment, the customer discovered that the machine had pre-existing engine issues which led to a major failure and a costly repair.  Since then, they have utilized the expertise of Wood Brothers' years of experience to evaluate used equipment before purchase to prevent unknown costs, and to give bargaining power for closing deals.

We recommend that you utilize his skills as well.  Pre-purchase inspections provide cost-effective peace of mind when making large capital acquisitions, which can save you from unanticipated costly repairs after purchase.