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I am from California originally. I spent 4 years in Las Vegas going to college there and working in the casino industry. Once I moved back to California, I started my career in sales. Worked in several different industries including automotive, mortgage, and equipment leasing. I then shifted to Insurance industry. That is where I met my wife and I launched my own Insurance replacement business back in 2010. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. After living that dream and getting a taste of being self-employed, I knew it was my passion. However life events happen and my wife and I moved to Wisconsin back in 2014. I started over completely and got involved with the trucking industry. Before long, I was running operations for a company and started investing in Real Estate. That is how this all came about. I was learning that myself as well as fellow investors were not getting the best terms and programs from our local lenders. That is when I started to do some research of how I can provide alternative lending solutions. I came across Global Financial Training Program, invested in the course and here I am!!!! Ready for new beginnings!