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I've grown my career on referrals. That's because, like any good business model, I apply the Golden Rule to everything I do. With sixteen years equipment finance, portfolio management and collections experience, I provide unparalleled service and knowledge in the finance industry for business owners. Here are a few of the places I've been and things I've done:

* Sixteen years experience building, managing and maximizing profitability for privately owned multimillion-dollar portfolios based exclusively on customer service and value to Business Owners
* Three years as an active Certified Lease and Finance Professional, two of which were as an elected member of the Board of Directors focusing on growing and preserving Ethics in Finance
* Four years as an appointed Staff Writer for Leasing Logic - the official publication for the National Association for Equipment Leasing Brokers
* Seven years of experience and continuing Owner of Mak Global Corporation and Easy Realty, LLC, real estate companies based out of Round Rock and Temple, Texas – whose mission is to improve the community and support home ownership for low income families
* I achieved my personal goal of becoming a published author and continuing student of Quantum Mechanics and Theory specific to String Theory in June 2016