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Curtis Funding Group provides equipment leasing & financing for municipalities and for corporate clients, bringing a "no surprises" commitment to all of our business partners. Personally, I've enjoyed doing this work for more than 20 years.

In 2012, Curtis Funding Group was formed with the intent to keep costs down and to allow us to provide better rates and service to our clients. Those abilities were augmented when other experienced partners came to Curtis Funding, so that we now have a highly-experienced and ethical team of experts handling a wide range of equipment leasing & financing needs. We believe our people, our values and our processes make us the best and we strive to maintain that level. These additional partners sought out Curtis Funding Group because they wanted to affiliate themselves with a company of like values.

Our "no surprises" commitment has spurred repeat and referral business. Meanwhile this professional team is building new networks and new alliances. And, we look to continuously improve our processes, and to build new working alliances.

Our current relationship with multiple underwriting sources, our reduced costs, and a streamlining of procedures have all helped to make us more competitive and more responsive to all of our clients' financing needs. We not only provide funding, but we provide counsel, guidance and support to our customers, prospects, and funding sources. Surprises in our business are almost never good, and we strive to eliminate them.

We are focused on being the best we can be for our most important asset, our customers, but we also work hard to provide the best support available for the equipment suppliers we partner with, and for the underwriting sources that we market for.

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Curt MacRae
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